Skills Development


TaaSA supports the process of employee development through consistent implementation of training programs that add value to both shareholders and the business. We believe our employees are the success of the business.

We are committed to annual, monthly and weekly training programs for all employees with the following institutions:

  • Henred Fruehauf
  • BPW
  • Wabco
  • Knorr Bremse
  • Jost / IMS
  • Monthly in-house training

TaaSA offers qualified employees at Refurbishment Centres & on-site at all CCBSA Depots to ensure quality of Workmanship.

NOTE: We are a BBBEE Level 3 contributor

Support & Report Structure

We are particularly proud of our Support & Report structure. NONE of the current trailer fleet maintenance providers in South Africa can provide a 24/7, in the office access, to the following reports:

  • Annual service plan (previous year and current year)
  • Monthly service plan
  • Service interval plan
  • Notification of services and COF’s to be done via e mail and/or SMS
  • License renewal dates
  • Break downs
  • Quotes outstanding
  • Monthly meetings minutes with regional and depot managers

"We bring the trailer into your office."